Laundry Love of Westfield Celebrated Katie Corriveau

Laundry Love of Westfield celebrated an important person – Katie Corriveau - at last night’s clothes washing event. Laundry Love is a ministry that partners with local sponsors in cleaning clothes and linens of low-income or no-income families and person(s). They see the laundromat as a place where strangers become friends, people are known by name, hope is hustled, and the worth of every human being is acknowledged and celebrated.

Volunteers from Sypek Law and Insurance and St. Mary’s Parish have supported the ministry since its inception. The May 24, 2023, event was sponsored by the Queenin Family and Specialty Bolt and Screw (SBS). Last night they celebrated their #1 High School Volunteer on her Sweet 16 Birthday. Katie Corriveau volunteers every month and has been with the ministry since the very first day. The patrons have grown to know and love her positive energy, kindness, and her amazing smile. Happy Birthday Katie!

The Westfield Laundry Love is in its third year and meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month to come alongside people who are struggling financially by assisting them with their laundry. The ministry is held at the Stanley Coin Operated Laundromat located at 3 White Street in Westfield. For more information go to or